TOKENOMICS OF $SOLAR (Safemoon-like mechanism)

Automatic liquidity add with 9% reflection tax.

This will raise prices gradually in a sustainable way. (So make sure you trade with slippage about 10 % )
  • 4.5 % : Send to burn 🔥
  • 4.5 % : Added liquidity to raise sustainable price
  • - Anti-whale mechanism : transfer/dumping over 0.5% of total liquidity will be rejected
  • - Harvest lock up to prevent token dumping from the beginning and make farming more sustainable, lock up is shorter for Solar and longer for non native pairs such as stable coins
  • - Migrator code Removed
  • - No initial supply except necessary numbers for the initial LP contract making

AURORA-MATIC pair pool Listing

  • - Did you know that Solar energy makes Aurora at North pole?
  • - AURORA-MATIC pair will be listed to boost aurora price

NEBULA sole pool Listing

  • - $NEBULA can only be earned through wormhole of @BSC
  • - Wormhole takes all kinds of color tokens (BLUE / GREEN / PURPLE / PLAT) during the round and compute the receiving amount according to the token price at exchange time.
  • - When the round ends everyday, Nebula will be sent directly to your same address Matic wallet.
  • - NEBULA will be unpurchasable until the listing of NEBULA-USDC next week so only way to earn it is going through wormhole by purchasing the color tokens.
Last modified 7mo ago