Hello, painters! Blackswap is Palette finance's first DEX combined with Yield farm on Polygon Network(MATIC). After successful settlement of yield farm on BSC as Blueswap, we are expanding it on Polygon Network which has much cheaper gas fee.
We aim to satisfy all of your DEFI needs through this product using cheap gas fees. We have been implementing many special yield farming features on BSC through Blueswap. One step further will be possible with Polygon Network's near-zero transaction fee.

Core Features

Token Burning Mechanism
To solve the inflation problem that most DeFi projects are faced with, we’ve incorporated a burning mechanism into our token projects.
  • Deposit fees (0~4%) will be charged at staking.
  • Native tokens collected as fees will be burnt
  • Special features to reduce supply of tokens
  • Auto burning system : When Aurora comes in as fee, it will be burnt automatically

Auto Deflationary tokenomics

Emission of Aurora will be automatically decreased by 10% every week.


Security of our artists' funds are our first priority. We've removed notorious migrator code from the original source and have been already externally audited twice. First from BSC-checker, and next from 'War on Rug'.
We are running this yieldfarm since 8th of March,2021 and no hacking / rug event occurred from the beginning.


  • We’ve created a AURORA token that will be at the center of our Blackswap which all stakers and farmers can earn.
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